Colleges and universities of four years cut the hiring of the tenure track by 25 percent around the time of the Great Recession, and the hiring of people of color decreased disproportionately, especially in public institutions and oriented to the Research, according to a new study in sociological science.

In addition to these data, the new document offers another food to carry urgently: the same investment of progress towards the Diversity of the faculty could occur in the era Covid-19, if the institutions do not take measures to make sure that he does not.

"Hiring the faculty of color decreased during the great recession may have gone unnoticed by the administrators who struggle to keep the ship afloat," says the study. "The cousins ​​and the deans faced by the COVID-19 crisis should not take note that the institutions facing uncertainty can reduce the Diversity of new contract without knowing it, it may be that public institutions and research-oriented will face the greatest Uncertainty in the coming years and will see again the greatest decreases in the Diversity of the new faculty. "

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