Employees of the Alabama University System Office received a Blue email last Friday, asking them to sign a confidentiality agreement that would effectively forbid someone out of the office about their work.

The agreement, reported for the first time by Lagniappe, a weekly newspaper in Mobile, Ala. - It would apply even after someone is no longer employed by the system. All those who work at Sid McDonald Hall, which house the system administration offices, is required to sign the agreement for Friday, October 8, according to an email from the Jessica Harrison Human Resources Manager, which Lagniappe provided inside higher Ed.

Those who violate the agreement could be dismissed and subject to "any other legal or equitable remedy available."

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    The Definition of confidential information of the Agreement is wide and seems to include all the non-public information that employees of the System Office can handle or find throughout their workday.

    "Without limitation", confidential information "includes information or data related to: Operations; Trade Secrets, Audit Affairs; Compliance Affairs; Continuous, Threesome or Potential Litigation; Inter-pollted athletics; internal or external communications ; Financial plans, budgets, reports or operations; Issues of employees; contracts, subsidies and other agreements; negotiations; intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyright, etc.); investigate; academic matters; notes, plans and any Other information that is generally not available to the public or external people "the system, the established agreement.

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    The confidentiality agreement, even prohibits employees from having conversations about working with "family, friends or any other person who may result in disclosure of confidential information."

    Ann Franke, a Higher Education Consultant with Sage LLC results, said they understand exactly what the agreement for "non-public" information is key to understanding how it will limit the employees of the Alabama System . She also noted that demand that all employees sign an agreement of this type is unusual.

    "would be a common expectation so that the main leadership has a formal or informal understanding of non-discipclation of sensitive information," said Franke. "If this agreement is giving everyone, if the waiter or the server in the meal service at the system level is subject to this agreement, that would be extremely unusual".

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    Rob Holbert, editorial and management editor of Lagniappe, wrote about the agreement for Tuesday of the document. Holbert has covered financial irregularities in the system for months, and suspects that the confidentiality agreement can be a response to the reports of it and repeated requests for information.

    "There has been an effort to turn it off from the beginning," Holbert said about his reports. "They have ignored open registration requests.


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