The Iowa Public Universities say that they can not require face coatings due to a board of directors of the state of the regent's policy prohibition mask. Groups of teachers from all over the State have argued against this policy, so far in vain, both by appealing of the Board and when asking campus administrations that affirm local control over the matter.

Now professors and instructors of graduates at the University of Iowa is trying a different tactic: invoking state law, who say they give them right to require masks in their own classrooms if they choose it.

The particular state law in question is Chapter 20 of the IOWA Code, Section 8, Subsection 3, which establishes that public employees have the right to participate in concerted activities "in order to collective bargaining or other mutual assistance or protection ", insofar as any activity of this type is not prohibited by law. It is often understood that concerted activities are on unionization, but are more defined as co-workers acting together to improve the workplace.

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    Loren, the Chapter Chapter of the Campus of the American Association of Teachers From the University and President of English at the University of Iowa, and Hadley Galbraith, president of the Union of Graduated Studies and a Ph.D. French candidate at the university, he recently wrote Barbara Wilson, president of the institution, to notify her from her's position.

    "We have consulted a lawyer, who advises us the faculty, graduate instructors and staff. They are public employees who have rights under Chapter 20, specifically the right to participate in concerted activities for Mutual aid or protection in its primary work spaces, classroom and personal office, to the extent that activities do not violate any other Iowa law, "Glass and Galbraith wrote. "Consequently, we believe that the faculty, graduate instructors and staff have the right to demand masking in their personal classrooms and offices in order to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and protect our colleagues and co-workers."

    Glass and Galbraith told Wilson that they would be informing the members of their right, and that the university would legally be at risk of not recognizing it. They also requested the University to consult their legal advisor and explain why it was effectively "violating" the rights of public employees under Chapter 20. Googleg.cmd.push (Function () Googleg.Display ("DFP -ad-article_in_article ");););

    The National Board of Labor Relations lists these examples of concerted activities: to speak with one or more coworkers on salaries and benefits or other working conditions; circulating a request asking for better hours; participate in a negative concerted to work in unsafe conditions; and join co-workers to speak directly with an employer, a government agency or the media about problems in the workplace.

    The employer "can not download, discipline or threaten it, or question coercively about, this 'protected concerted' activity," according to the NLRB, which oversees labor problems in private institutions. "However, you may lose protection by saying things about your employer who are wrongly offensive or knowingly false, or by publicly despised your employer's products or services without relating your complaints to any work controversy."

    Nate Willems, an Iowa-based employment lawyer who chapter AAUP consulted on the letter, said: "In Iowa, when someone says" Chapter 20 ", you think they are talking about the unions of the public sector, which is often true. But these rights are not exclusive to

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