U.S. Department of Education Awards Project Safe Funds for the Florida School District after the penalty imposed by the State by the Implementation of the security measures of Covid-19 September 23, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202 ) 401-1576, press@ed.gov
  • nowadays , the United States Department of Education granted the Alachua County School Board $ 147,719 on funding, under the new project to support the Families and Educators of America (Project Safe). This is the first prize under the security of the project, and the financing will support the efforts of the Florida School District to protect students as they return to safe learning, despite the actions of the State to prohibit the Implementation of strategies to limit The propagation of Covid-19, consistent with the guidance based on the science of the centers for the control and prevention of diseases (CDC). The Safe Program program was announced as part of President Biden's COVID-19 action plan, to combat Covid-19 and reopen schools for learning in person safely. As part of the program, school districts have been able to apply to the Department of Education to restore financing retained by state leaders, such as salaries for school board members or superintendents who have had their payment cut, when a school district He Implemented strategies to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in schools.

    "We should thank the districts for using proven strategies that will keep the schools open and safe, without punishing them. We stop with the educators dedicated in Alachua and throughout the country doing the right thing to protect their communities Schoolchildren, and with the first prize today under the secure project, we are still allowing educators to continue that critical work, "said Secretary of Education of the United States. Miguel Cardona. "With these grants, we are ensuring that schools and communities throughout the country committing to return safely to person learning, know that we have their backs. I know Alachua for protecting your students and educators, and I hope to work with them to give students their best year yet. Each student across the country deserves the opportunity to return to school to person safely this fall, and all families must have confidence that their school is Implementing policies that keep them Your insurance children ".

    The Safe Program program promotes student safety and well-being by providing funds to school districts that were financially penalized by an entity in their state to Implement strategies based on the science of CDC to prevent propagation of Covid-19. Financing will help districts maintain these measures Implemented and maintain district and school stability despite financial sanction. Before the creation of the SAFE PROJECT program, President Biden announced that if a state cuts funding to a local school district to Implement prevention strategies recommended by CDC, such as universal masking, the school district can use American rescue plan funds ( ARP) to fill those holes. School districts can begin to pass their ARP funds immediately, even to reimburse any allowed cost dating back when the national emergency was declared for Covid-19.

    Beyond the resources In the US rescue plan, the project The safe program makes additional funds available to help local school districts. Fill out the gaps when funding has been retained by its status to Implement COVID security measures. Projector is financed under the Authority of National School Safety Activities in Section 4631 (a) (1) (b) of the Primary and Secondary Education Law (ESEA). Today's announcement marks the first Safe Safe Subger award, since the program was launched.

    CDC recommends a universal internal masking for all teachers, staff, students and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of the state of vaccination, and that children should return full time, learning in person with Prevention strategies in layers instead.


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