The Society for Military History is divided into the celebration of its annual conference in Texas next spring, for a long time planned, in light of the new state ban on abortions after six weeks and other controversial legislations that They involve voting rights and transgender youth.

The debate of the location of the Conference intensified in recent days, after a letter to Peter Mansoor members, president of the Society and General Raymond E. Mason Jr. President in Military History in The State University of Ohio. Arguing against moving the conference, Mansoor wrote to his fellow military historians who "there are good reasons to continue with our current course. Move the conference on this late date would cause serious financial damage to society," by union of $ 90,000 in sanctions of cancellation by contract. Hotel employees and local businesses would also be affected, he said. (Craig Felker, executive director of the organization said on Tuesday that the current fine for canceling the contract was approximately $ 221,300).

Beyond the cost, Mansoor wrote: "We are an inclusive organization that includes members of different politicians. Views, races, genres, professional jobs, religious views and other attributes. To be truly inclusive, society must be truly inclusive, society must be truly inclusive Be non-partisan and apolitical and make decisions based on the mission of society. "

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