After three months of negotiations and an intense debate and disagreement between the student about the future of Mills College, the Trustees of the University of the Women decided to merge with the University of the Northeast.

The vote responds to the long-standing question of how Mills will survive in the midst of the decrease in registration and the growing lack of interest in single gender education. University officials had implemented a variety of ideas to boost income and reduce costs over the years, including a re-establishment of enrollment, dismissals and selling original works by Shakespeare and Mozart. None gave the university the financial security needed to remain independent.

mills will be converted into the Coed Mills College at the Northeast University of July 2022. The University based in Boston will assume all the liabilities and assets of Mills, including the 135-acre campus of the University in Oakland, California, and its extensive art collection. Northeastern will also assume the students, employees and mission of Mills, said Elizabeth Hillman, president of Mills.

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    " Benefits that the mills are getting out of this agreement are really extraordinary, "said Hillman. "To be able to continue using the faculty and staff, who remain the anchor institution in East Oakland that we have been for a long time and we could support our students through their grade aspirations, those are all the things that we would not have been capable. Do without this. "

    Northeastern already operates two campuses in California, one in San Francisco and another at Silicon Valley. The Mills Campus will become an anchor of the west coast of the world operations of the University, Joseph Aoun, president of the Northeast, said in a statement on Tuesday.

    "The beautiful Mills campus will become a flagship of the Northeostern Northeostern global network. Serve as a main platform for our experiential education education and research programs inspired by use. The next few years, thousands of students and teachers will learn, teach, live and make innovative discoveries on the Molinos campus, "he wrote Aoun.

    Northostern will also advance with the creation of the Mills Institute, which will be "dedicated to promoting women's leadership and empowering BIPOC and first generation students," Aoun said.

    The University also "honor and will respect the terms of tenure" for members of the Faculty of Mills Hold. to a Hillman advertisement. It will also offer tracking opportunities for monitoring and faculty for employment, although it is not clear how many applicant mills will receive job offers from the northeast. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("DFP-AD -Article_in_Article"););

    Staff members who are employed by Mills when fusion is complete will also become northeastern employees. Hillman said the university is not planning to dismiss any staff member. Northeastern plans to provide additional details on employee salaries increases in the coming weeks.

    Students who are on their way to graduating before June 30, 2022, will receive a million Mills College, and students staying at the university. Post-transition will have its titles conferred by Mills College at the Northeast University. Hillman anticipates that the most current MILL students will remain in Mills through the merger.

    Hillman plans to remain president through the transition and hopes to remain in Mills after the merger is completed.

    "Nobody knows what the future holds, but I am committed to seeing the factories through the transition, as long as our board wants me to do that, and they do it," Hillman said.

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