• Tracey Abell, head of operations at the American School of Health Sciences, has been promoted to President there.
  • Lesley Brown, Preboste and Vice President, Academic, from the University of Mount Royal, in Alberta, has been elected as president of Yukon University, also in Canada.
  • Michael S. Carr, attached rector of the National University Louis, Illinois, has been appointed Rector and Academic Director of the University of North Park, also in Illinois.
  • James W. Crawford III, Acting President of the University of Feliciano, in New Jersey, has been appointed to work on a permanent basis.
  • Jan E. Duncan, former Education Dean at Jarvis Christian College, in Texas, has been elected as Vice President of Academic Affairs of Texas College.
  • Star Rivera-Lacey, Vice President of Student Services at the School of San Diego on Continuing Education, California, has been appointed Superintendent / President of the Palomar College District, also in Calipo RNIA.
  • Mark Rubinstein, President of Granite State College, in New Hampshire, has been selected as Chancellor of the Community College system in New Hampshire.
  • Daniel J. Scholz, interim president of the Cardinal Stritch University, in Wisconsin, has been designated for work on a permanent basis.
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