After years of discussion and debate about offering a free community university in the United States, which once seemed unlikely is so close, since it has always been a reality. The Democrats of the House of Representatives have provided a look at the way the program would work in practice, although experts say that you may still need some adjustments between now and your final passage.

America's College Promise, a plan of the Community University free of enrollment is a provision in the next construction, a better act is currently being developed in Congress by Democrats. It is expected that the legislation of $ 3.5 billion pass through a process process called budget reconciliation, which means that it will not require any republican support that reaches the President Biden's desk.

The bill includes other provisions of higher education, such as increased pell subsidies, investments in historically black colleges and universities and other minority institutions, and a fund of subsidies to support efforts of completion and retention of the University. But for many, the promise of the University of the United States is the piece of marquee legislation.

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