Previous research has shown a gender gap in curriculum in some fields, in which the authors of the assigned readings do not represent the gender diversity of the field. Other research has demonstrated the positive impact of role models on students' success.

A new study in PLOS ONE combines these two research areas, focusing on graduate studies and role models programs for graduate students. While discipline at the heart of the study, political science, is changing, due in part to efforts, such as women, they also know things, it has a particular reputation for gender bias. Even so, the authors of the new study say that their findings on surprising occasions are translated into other fields.

What did the researchers find? When they adjusted the proportion of female authors in a 10 to 30% studies program, the self-efficacy of graduate students, which means that their perceived probability of succeeding in the hypothetical course, was not affected. Meanwhile, male students showed a lower self-efficacy, informing that they were less likely to be successful in the course when more women appeared in the program.

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  • The Latin Professor and the students exceed the Postistor Syndrome (Opinion) < p> The attitudes of students towards diversity in Academe also correlated with their reactions to the program of studies more than their own gender. That is, the silhabitation of 30 percent of the gender authority, 30 percent, the year of self-efficacy among students who said did not support diversity.

    In a second experiment, the authors found students with more academics. The models to follow had a greater sense of self-efficacy. This was not related to the genre of the students, nor their gender of the models to follow. At the same time, some students, namely, students, and those who said they valued diversity, seemed to actively seek the models of female roles.

    "Our results, ultimately suggest that exposure to female role models is related in surprising ways of ph.D. Self-efficacy of students," says the study. "Having more feminine models correlates with greater expectations of academic success among certain groups of students, but with the decreased expectations of academic success among other groups."

    study co-author Amy Erica Smith, Liberal Arts and Sciences The Dean Professor and the Associate Professor of Political Science at the Iowa State University, said these findings do not mean that the study programs include less Women to accommodate those who apparently do not see gender diversity as a benefit.

    "When we show students a program of studies with a low percentage of women authors, men expressed greater confidence than women in their ability to do well in the class," he said. "When we show SYLLABI students with a more equal gender representation, men's self-confidence decreased but women and men still expressed equal trust in their ability to do well. So make the curriculum more fair It hurts men in relation to women. " googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.displ and ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");)

    Instead, he said, increasing the representation of women in the readings, "only avoids Things, which can feel like a loss for some men. " What is "particularly rigid" on that result, Smith added, is that the "review considered simply to increase the percentage of women's authors from 10 to 30 percent, so we are not even talking about reaching gender parity" .

    Co-author Heidi Hardt, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Irvine, said that teachers have many options to diversify study programs today. Along with women, they also know things, resources include people of color also know things and a database of gender coded appointments that H

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