A group of students at the University of Creighton in Nebraska, presented last week on the refusal of the University of Jesuits to consider religious exemptions to their Covid-19 student vaccination requirement. Pope Francis and the US Bishops Conference UU They have urged people to vaccinate against Covid-19, but students say they have objections because vaccines were developed or tested in cell lines derived from aborted fetal tissue.

As a Nebraska Medicine, a regional medical care network, explains in a question and questions and answers on your website ", Vaccines Covid-19 do not contain aborted fetal cells. However, cell lines FETALS: Cells cultured in a laboratory based on aborted fetal cells collected generations, were used in tests during research and development of mRNA vaccines, and during the production of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. "

Bob Sullivan, a lawyer of the eight Creighton students who demand, said that, although it is true, the Vatican has supported Vaccination by Covid, the Catholic Church also highlights the importance of individual consciousness.

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