A new Texas law that imposes new restrictions on voting could greatly prevent students at the polls and limit their ability to register to vote or organize output activities of votes on campus or outside.

The Senate Bill 1 is a piece of scanning law that will prohibit 24-hour vote and will lead, create new voting ID mandates by mail and empower party survey observers by allowing them "Free movement" at the polls. Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill in law last week after the legislature led by the Republican approved during a second special session. It will take effect before the state elections next year. Texas Democrats blocked earlier versions of the invoice fleeing from the state to prevent the representative camera from having a quorum.

Voting experts say that the invoice will raise challenges for students to try to vote by prohibiting the unsolicited distribution of ballot requests by mail and restricting how and where they can vote.

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    " We have to remember that Texas is already a state that is very difficult to vote in many ways, "said Robert Brandon, president and CEO of Fair Elections Center, a National Organization of Non-Particulture Voting and Electoral Reform. "And so, this increases the barriers for registration and voting a number of different ways that can have an impact on students."

    Even before the governor signed the invoice, "possibly, the Texas was already the worst state of the country in which it is about access to vote for young people," said Carolyn Dewitt, president of Rock The Vote, a non-profit non-profit organization dedicated to building the political power of young people. "He is not a surprise governor, Abbott signed this voter suppression bill, but it is a misfortune. He continues to implement antidemocracy policies aimed at limiting the power of voters in the state."

    Texas law is already restricting the email to people who are over 65, who are outside the county on election day or who have a disability or illness that prevents them from voting in person; During election 2020, it was one of the six states that refused to open the vote by mail to all voters due to the pandemic. The new law prohibits the paintings to get voting ballots by mail and requires mail voters to provide you with your driver's license number or the last four digits of your Social Security number. So students who in the past have used their disabilities or residence outside the county to get mailing tickets, now have additional obstacles to overcome them to launch them.

    The new law also makes it a serious crime for any electoral officer to send applications or tickets not requested to vote by mail. The participation of youth voters across the country was the highest 2020 in part due to tactics, some states employed, including automatic voter registration in motor vehicle agencies and sending ballots to each registered voter.

    As the civic groups of the nation try to continue the wave of the participation of juvenile voters by 2021, Brandon said it will be more difficult for students in Texas to register and vote on the campus. Since 2017, those who run voter registration events inside or outside the campus have been named as Texas volunteer attachments, which means that the students outside the county or state can not help other students. The new law creates additional barriers for campus voting organizers who seek to collect and leave the students' ballots, Brandon said. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    "For many students, because they are transitory, they need to register again," Brandon said. "And as long as the registration process continues to have m.

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