U.S. The Department of Education announces new actions to improve educational outcomes for students in Puerto Rico September 15, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576, press@ed.gov
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    Washington - Today, Secretary of Education Of Education Miguel Cardona Met with Puerto Rico The Secretary of Education Eliezer Ramos to discuss new actions to improve educational results for students.

    After today's meeting, the Department announced the training of the Sustainability Team (PRES) of Puerto Rico Education whose purpose is to provide comprehensive support to Puerto Rico, including coordination with the interested parties that attends the Department of Education of Puerto Rico (PRDE) and higher education institutions in strengthening the administration of federal funds and helping to improve educational outcomes for students.

    "a little over two months ago, when I met with the secretary Ramos in Puerto Rico and we started talking about the collaborative work we imagine to serve the students in Puerto Rico, I am happy to share that We have done ended up working since that trip and today we are highlighting another milestone of that effort, "said the Cardona Secretary. "We will work together as partners, for students, for their success, and for the future of Puerto Rico."

    "I have to thank the Cardona Secretary and the President Biden for this, this is a major change in the relationship between the United States Department of Education and the Department of Education of Puerto Rico," he said. Puerto Rico, Interim Secretary of Puerto Rico Education Eliezer Ramos. "We have the same objectives, and this collaborative effort will advance the agenda of the students and teachers of Puerto Rico."

    The team has started the initial work, collaborating with the ELTE and identified three key priority areas:

  • Financial Responsibility, with the objective of the FRONT Financial Management Authority of its funds federal;
  • School and healthy school buildings, working with partners to provide technical assistance as the PRDE continues improvements in the school infrastructure; and
  • support for the program, continuing supporting PRDE in its use of the US Rescue Plan (ARP) and other federal pandemic recovery funds, together with reinforced technical assistance for high quality instruction and programs and A better implementation of the main formula grant programs.

    Students in Puerto Rico have faced significant challenges after Hurricane Hurricanes Irma and Mary, school closures, Multiple earthquakes and Covid-19 pandemic. These composition events have significantly impacted instruction for students on the island. In response, Secretary Cardona visited Puerto Rico in June 2021 to meet with interested parties and listening about challenges with reopening schools and discussing association opportunities.

    During this visit, the Cardona Secretary also announced the launch of Federal Education Help Funds and other Dollars from the Commonwealth Education Program.

    The department has continued the creation of previous works to better understand the critical needs of the PRDE, as it serves more than 260,000 students on the island.

    As of July 2021, the department has launched almost $ 5 billion to Puerto Rico, including:

  • $ 2 billion of the American Rescue Plan Law;
  • $ 1.2 billion of the Answer and Relief Assignment Act of Coronavirus, 2021 (CRRSA);
  • $ 662 million in FY 2020 program grants; and
  • $ 912 million in Federal Education Funds, which had not been available to Puerto Rico as a result of previously imposed concession conditions.

    In the short term, the department will implement a team to the island to work hand in hand with your hand and partners, you will continue to listen and addresses the immediate support needs. In addition, the PR team will work w

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