Administrators and faculty members can, and should, according to the advocates of data privacy, encourage students to take care that personal data their institutions charge their institutions on them and why. A student voice survey from the interior of ED and the University, presented by Kaplan, presented by Kaplan, found that students greatly unknown the amount of data that their schools have and how they can be used (or not).

When he asked about very specific data points that tend to be archived, the responses of the 2,286 colleges of 120 colleges and universities surveyed reveal a lack of consciousness. For example, only about half believes that its institutions have information about the websites they visit while connecting with the Wi-Fi campus, the amount of time used in the courses through learning management systems or in which buildings have Access to a student ID. About three out of 10 students do not even think that their institution collects basic registration status data, as if they are fully enrolled or partially. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp -ad-article_in_article"););

The increase in student knowledge about data helps them carry out the implications of their personal information that is being used, sold or known by commercial entities or future employers, to name a few examples. In the case of a data violation, of course, identity theft can directly affect personal finances, and be aware of one's data footprint can decrease the possibility of being affected by a violation.

Click on the infographic for students in four ways to get more understanding and control of their data.

The student voice explores Higher Education from the perspective of students, providing unique information about their attitudes and opinions. Kaplan provides funds and ideas to support within the highest coverage of college students surveying data. Within the upper ED it maintains editorial Independence and wide discretion about its coverage.

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