Anthology, which emerged a year ago from the combination of three administrative software companies of higher education, will merge with the blackboard, the most visible company in learning technology, the two companies announced today. The agreement will result in the end of the blackboard as an independent company, and could put the end of its known brand, and sometimes controversial.

Companies did not share any financial data, but the combination is likely that the entity is among the largest educational technology firms in the sector. The current owner of Blackboard, Providence Equity Partners, bought it in 2011 for $ 1.64 billion, and Blackboard was purchased (but not sold) in 2015 for around $ 3 billion.

"Our combined footprint, from the perspective of a product and the more than 4,000 universities and universities that we serve around the world, is likely to be the largest education technology company sold in Higher education, "Jim Milton, president of the Anthology and Executive Director, said in an interview this morning. Milton will lead the combined company, whose name has not yet been decided.

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    anthology, whose roots go back A 1988, emerged from the combination of campus management, an administrative system provider, including student information, finance and human resources software; Campus Labs, a signature focused on the evaluation, learning and student success technology; and imodulos, a community commitment software company. Listetedtech last year is estimated that anthology itself was the third administrative technology company of the third largest and higher behind Microsoft and Ellucian.

    Blackboard was for many years, the dominant supplier of learning management systems, although competitors such as instructors (canvas manufacturer) and D2L have won ground and, in the case of the first, surpassed it.

    In 2019, Blackboard was sold from his Transact Unit, one of the companies he had bought, as he sought to expand beyond being a learning. Management company. That led to intensify the speculation that the company could break or sold, as it led a significant debt.

    Milton and Bill Ballhaus, President of Blackboard, CEO and President, said the power of the combined company will flow from its ability to bring data from the entire student life cycle to withstand student and institutional performance. "We are at the top of breaking the data armchairs" that often exist between administrative and academic departments on campuses, Ballhaus said.

    In the interview, a reporter asked Ballhaus if Blackboard would disappear as a company. and a brand. The company, although it is widely known, also has significant luggage from years as a goal of faculty complain about its products and focus by competitors. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    He said that the new office that would administer the merger was forming and "take a new appearance" on many issues. "Both brands bring many assets and history to the table," he said. The most important thing is to see that the combined entity realizes its potential, and it is important that we are unrestricted in our thinking about the best way to do it. "

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