Preliminary data disclosed by the federal government today reaffirmed that universities lost hundreds of thousands of students last year as the VOCID-19 pandemic havoc in the fall of 2020 inscriptions, especially in community colleges. The new data, which also decompose registration according to the state, yield light on some of the other branches of the pandemic, including changes in student retention rates, number of employees and institutional income.

College and the Registration University throughout the country was reduced by 651,774 students - a decrease of more than 3 percent -. Since the fall 2019 to fall by 2020, according to data from the US Department of National Education Education Statistics (/ p>

Higher Education Institutions also had 151,627 a fewer employees in the fall of 2020 Compared to the previous autumn, they employ employees 3,867,250 full-time and part-time, compared to 4,018,877 in the fall of 2019.

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    Some Titting Accessories experienced enrollment increases, however. Registration in four-year public institutions increased by 61,624 students, a boost of less than 1 percent, and registration in both years and four years for profit, institutions rose. Two-year-purpose colleges won 22,069 more students, an increase of 11 percent compared to the previous year.

    The general body of the students of all higher ED institutions in 2020 was 48.9 white one hundred, 12 percent black, 18.7 Latinx percent, 0.6 percent of Native Americans and 6.7 percent of Asia. But institutions for high-profit high percentages of black students and Latinx - 24.7 percent and 18 percent respectively

    Audrey Dow, vice president of the University Opportunity, said, "Any increase in the number. Of students who attend property-for-profit colleges are worrying, "since students tend to take loans to attend those institutions, where they are often less likely to graduate.

    "We know that many of the students who end up in these institutions are not going to finish their degrees and often end up with a huge amount of debt," she said. "It is not surprising that these proprietary institutions know how to go to people who are in a vulnerable situation and could produce a series of new vulnerable individuals who were able to direct. This has been a trend prior to the current Covid. "

    Registration at the community university was particularly hard blow. Two-year public institutions enrolled 703,168 fewer students in the autumn 2020 than in the fall of 2019, a 15 percent drop googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article" ););

    Commissioner Peggy G. Carr said that the size of the gout enrollment in community colleges is "worrying".

    "These are often the two-year public institutions that serve as gates of access to four-year institutions and as labor provision centers the formation of vital importance for adults of all ages , "He said in a press release.

    Mamie Voight, Acting President of the Institute of Higher Education Policies, said the decrease in registration signs of community colleges a problem capital, since color students are "the same students who have more Probabilities of starting your Higher Education Way at a University of the Community. "

    "The months since March 2020 have been established more naked than ever social inequalities along races and socioeconomic lines," she said in an email. "Figures like these show that the gaps are still opening even wider, which means that these communities are losing from social and economic mobility, higher education can offer."

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