On Friday was the day for several universities that recently left online, due to the spread of Covid-19, to announce whether they were staying online or resumed normal operations.

Liberty and Salle Universities, and the University of Texas in San Antonio are opening for standard operations in person today. This is the schools of Alamo, the school community district in San Antonio.

Freedom managers acted despite having almost 1,000 COVID-19 cases, this semester on campus in Lynchburg, Virginia (from last week). (The figure may be higher this week).

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    " Liberty is resumed at home and meetings in a balanced way that both allow members of the campus community to select the university experiences they want and respect the rights and responsibilities of individuals to make basic health decisions about the use of vaccination And the mask, "said a statement from the university.

    And the university said in the statement that "it will continue to offer a digital instruction option for students for a period of time; special permission will not be required to attend virtually during this time."

    While freedom is encouraging, but does not require social distancing and mask to use "the university will continue to foster social hygiene practices, such as physical distancing and mask when useful," said the statement.

    Liberty has some student support to raise the quarantine that has been valid for the campus.

    A university student, Landon Nesbitt, began a petition that says: "We, Liberty students, feel that the University should fulfill its promises: in person who learns. For many students, the nature of freedoms that encompasses the University of Liberty (no masks are required, in people with conferences and teaching), it is the same reason why this university was chosen for higher education. This blockade was unexpected and unwanted by the vast majority of Students here on campus. Therefore, students request the end of this block. " googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    More than 1,200 students have signed the petition.

    However, the mayor of Lynchburg, Maryjane Tousignant-Dolan, told Washington Post that she found Liberty's actions "alarming".

    "I only think it is inconceivable that an institution as great as Liberty has not instituted some steps to keep his students alone and healthy, but to the community in which they live," she said.

    The University of La Salle in Pennsylvania said his decision: Stopping and restarting instruction in person, was based on a careful study of Covid-19 cases.

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    "Our D" ECISION to offer courses remotely that none of us wanted, "said a letter from Tim O'Shaughnessy, the Acting President." We did the movement to go to the remote control based on a rapid increase in active cases, from the four Friday past four to almost four dozen Sunday. The speed of this increase and the risk of potential propagation made us. To better understand what the virus was like. Dissemination, we opted for a temporary and conservative approach that prioritized your health and our ability to preserve the rest of our semester in person. This week, we perform more than 625 tests and follow-up significant contact. This work allowed us to evaluate the type, rhythm and extension of propagation on campus. We have determined that propagation is not only Traceab.

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