Statement by Secretary Miguel Cardona on the confirmation of James Kvaal as an undersecretary of education September 14, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Today, the US Secretary of Education UU. Miguel Cardona issued the Next statement about James Kvaal's confirmation as under the Secretary of Education:

    "James Kvaal, the new Secretary of Education of the Nation, has a deep understanding of strengths, needs and challenges in the Postsecondary education. This is critical at a time when increasing access to the university., Affordability, and the completion is key to helping the United States to build better. With this confirmation, the administration of Biden and the American people get a Public server dedicated and distinguished with a great EXPRESS Aienda in higher education that will always put students first. James previously served as the Chairman of the College Access Institute and success, where his work in Higher Education included initiatives to make the university enrollment more affordable, protects students from unaffective loans and help many more graduate students of the University. In the course of him, he has also served in superior roles in the White House, the House of Representatives of the United States, the United States, and here in the United States Department of Education. James recognizes the changing power of higher education, and I am delighted to welcome the agency. "

    About James Kvaal

    James Kvaal Previously he was president of the Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS), an incropriation of research and defense dedicated to affordability and equity in higher education. Ticas is recognized at the national level for its research and policies recommendations on student debt.

    kvaal He played in the Administration of Obama as Advisor to Domestic Politics attached at the Assistant White and Undersecretary House in the Department of Education of the United States. He led the efforts to reduce the monthly payments of student loans, hold career colleges responsible for debts Excessive and make the universities of the community free of registration. He helped organize the White House Summit on the University's opportunity, which counted on S from 100 university presidents and other leaders who committed to actions to help more college graduate students. He has also served in Senior Roles in the House of Representatives of the USA. UU and the Senate of the United States.

    Kvaal taught at the School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, and graduated with honors from Stanford University and Harvard Law School.

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