Entegraded University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Students gathered within a conference room on Friday to demand that the administration do more to protect them from Covid-19.

Students: All members of the Council of the Campus President, a collective of student leaders from the whole university, signed an open letter entitled "Enough is sufficient", ask for a mandate of vaccines, frequent evidence of Covid-19 and more test centers on campus. Lamar Richards, the president of the undergraduate student body, called to the Emergency Meeting after the Executive Branch of the Undergraduate Student Government, published the letter opened on Thursday.

"In response to the continuous attack of Covid-19 cases and the spread of the community inside and outside the campus, the value of the security of the Carolina community, our Carolina, has been used as an owner , as a negotiable, for the purpose of self-service to increase the institutional "reputation" oriented to the public and 'integrity' ", the states open.

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