Complete College America, a promotion organization focused on closing capital gaps in graduation rates, recently launched a new initiative to promote the end of the university for adult students in predominantly and historically black community colleges.

The two years The project will work with a cohort of 25 to 30 institutions to assess how they serve adult students and develop well-designed tracks to credentials that increase their profits. The initiative seeks to address inequities and long-standing obstacles faced by adult color students on their ways to graduation, in the midst of a pandemic that highlighted the distinctive role of community colleges at the meeting of local needs of the labor force. It also occurs at a moment of urgency renewal of addressing the outstanding social and economic inequities during the national racial calculation that began in summer 2020 after the death of the George Floyd police.

Cynthia Anthony, president of Lawson State Community College, a black historical institution in Alabama, said adult students are highly motivated, but may have long and winding roads to obtain profit titles due to extra responsibilities of work and family that they have in their lives. Many have full-time jobs and children.

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