The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, originally planned to have approximately 80 percent of its courses this year in person, and 20 percent online, which would have compared with a pre-pandemic baseline of approximately 90 percent of the courses in person and 10 percent online.

But with the summer wave in the cases of Coronavirus, the University in July chose to rethink the calendar. About 60 percent of autumn courses will now be in person, and 40 percent will be remote.

"We were listening to the students' concerns that, given the circumstances in Las Vegas and Nevada, were not as comfortable to reach campus as they had anticipated as," said Chris L. Heyvey, Provost's Provost. "We opened the schedule in July and asked people to try to accommodate students' requests for online instruction and also gave the faculty that I felt as if they no longer had a person teaching, the option of changing their courses A remote, with a preference towards the remote control. Synchronous. "

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    are not alone in dealing with how to respond to the changing public health circumstances. With vaccines to prevent Covid-19 have become easily available, many universities and large planned for a return to instruction in person this fall, and then came the highly transmissible delta variant.

    With cases of coronavirus now, it increases, universities are taking a variety of approaches in terms of the degree they are using a tool in their virus containment toolbox: online learning. Some universities offer 50 percent or more of their online classes, while others are 90 percent and more in person.

    An important factor in the decision to reduce the proportion of classes in person at UNLV was that the university vaccination mandate for students will not come into force until spring, Heyvey said. He also noted that when the University made the decision to change the schedule, it was not clear if the university would have a mask mandate in effect, as it does now.

    Heyvey said the reaction of the students to change more online courses has been mixed, although he noted that the registration was recorded by 2.2 percent, or about 520 full-time students, After the university announced the change to a greater proportion of remote instruction.

    "This is a scenario without nice, all, we are getting some concerns on both sides, but for and great, I believe that people have been understood and take the density on campus significantly from Significant way in a way, I think it gives people an additional comfort, "he said. "Of course, the faculty members who perceive themselves to be at high risk appreciated the opportunity to rethink their initial decisions about the mode of instruction." googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("DFP-AD -Article_in_Article"););

    Abraham Lugo, vice president of UNLV consolidated students, also said that students have mixed views on the change to more classes that are remote.

    "is a case-by-case," he said. "Many students are like, 'Oh, my God, this is much better, especially after being remote, I got used, I have a much more flexible schedule, I love it." And others say: 'No, I do not like it, I do not think my learning experience is at the same level as it would be if I was there in person. '"

    Lugo said he moved more online courses" is just the safest way to go, because the only consensus everyone has is that we are in a good trajectory. We do not want to enter another closure and lose more lives. "

    While UNLV is an example of a place that fundamentally

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