Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FLA, expects all students and employees to use indoor masks, "Without exceptions," said on Tuesday, the same day that a former president of the department published his story to give up on the lack of lack of a mask mandate.

"Yesterday, on the first day of classes for the academic year 21-22, I resigned the Aeronautical University of Embry-Riddle after 21 years and a few days because the university coeled the policies were wrong, "Timothy Wilson, former president of electrical engineering and computer science, wrote on LinkedIn. "Embry-Riddle would not allow faculty members to require those in their classrooms and those in their necessary offices in the masks, and the university would not allow the faculty with specific concerns about their own health or the health of others to teach remote form".

Feel "Back to normal" For a short period At the end of spring and early summer it was great, Wilson explains in the piece of it, but the rise of the Delta variant changed things. Embry-Riddle Covid-19 policies, meanwhile, have not changed. That is a problem, especially in an institution dedicated to the safety of science and aviation, he said.

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