Women surpass men in American higher education. Recent data from the research center of the Clearinghouse Center of the National Student showed that more than 10 million women enrolled in a university or university in past spring, compared to 6.8 million men.

However, the number of institutions created for the first time to educate women is diminished. . Nowadays, there are less than 50 schools of women in the United States, falling from 230 in 1960, according to the coalition of the University of Women.

Some of those 230 universities have opened their doors to men. Others have been closed, in part due to enrollment challenges fueled by expanded educational access for women and the decrease in the demand for single gender institutions. The remaining women's schools should offer a convincing response to the question: Why attend a university for women when the same programs are available at the COED institutions?

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  • Fire launches a new database to track attacks on the speech < P> For some women's schools, the answer is to find a niche.

    Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC, he announced recently to update his curriculum, focus on health science and leadership, an area of ​​studies, said he is on demand among the girls of secondary school.

    Registration under Salem has slipped in recent years, falling from 999 students in 2015-16 to 591 students during the 2019-20 academic year, according to the data of the National Statistics Center of Education. The Health Leadership Approach could help the University of Liberal Arts that stand out from La Herd.

    "What is really important for the universities of liberal arts and for women's universities is to find their niche, to be distinctive and no longer be - or try to be, everything for everyone," said the Summer McGee, the new president of Salem. "It's something that is in my mind every day, how are we going to give Salem's women something that no other school and university in the country will give you, and that we can succeed because we are unique."

    University of Texas Women, a public university system based in Denton, Tex., He has also worked to differentiate himself. The public system of three universities is COED, but it is mainly inscribed to women. The student body is diverse, which helps the system maintain its registration. One third of the Texas Women's students are Hispanic or Latinos, 17 percent are black or African-American and 37 percent are white, show data data. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad- article_in_article"););

    "We were created for a segment of the population that normally did not see the university," said Carine Feyten, Chancellor of the System and Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Coalition of the University of Women. "For example, we have a solid performance in young adult programs that have spread over breeding care, because that is a group of students who normally have not gone to college. The same with first generation university students" .

    While it may be useful, finding a niche does not guarantee the long-term success of an institution. Judson College, a small university of Baptist women in rural Marion, wing, closed in July after his registration in collapse.

    The count of the head of Judson's students had always been small: the university was typically registered between 300 and 400 students. - But the last few years showed STARK drops. Last spring, Judson enrolled 145 students. University officials expected only 80 students would have returned this fall.

    Fuller Superior ED Solutions, a consulting firm for Christian universities, described Judson as "almost a unicorn" in his February report on the financial perspective of the university. In other words, the university already had a niche: Alab's Baptist women enrolled

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