Student voting organizations are preparing to capitalize on the participation of tall youth voters for 2020 elections and encourage students to participate in this year's local and state elections. Among the highest profile races for 2021: Governoral contests in Virginia and New Jersey, the special elections of houses, such as the Ohio District 11, and the Souvenir Voting of the Governor of California Gavin Newsom in September.

But students will participate? Kelly Beadle, the impact and disclosure manager of the Information and Research Center on Civic Learning and Commitment (Circle) at the University of Tufts, said that participation in youth for the next elections "is still an open question".

"We have always seen that the participation of all people, including youth, is lower in state elections," Beadle said.

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    Your organization, which It focuses on the civic participation of young people in the US. UU, saw the historical participation of voters from 18 to 29 years old in elections 2020. New Jersey had the greatest participation in young people in the country, with 67 by One hundred of 18 and 29 foundry ballots. The State Participation rate for children from 18 to 19 years old, which were mainly voted for the first time, was 65 percent.

    beadle Accredit the "proactive" tactics of the state, which included the implementation of the automatic registration of voters. In motor vehicle agencies and sending ballots to all registered voters, to promote youth participation.

    "institutionalizing proactive measures, which are so important for young people, who are moving more frequently and that they may need reminders to update their registration due to their mobility rates, are the types of things that We are starting to see, they correlate with greater participation of voters, "Beadle said.

    The impulse to sustain high participations of youth voters coincide with the efforts of the Congress The Democrats spent two invoices that would stand voters throughout the nation. The Law of People, also known as HR 1, focuses on the access to voter, the integrity of the elections and security, the finances of the campaign and the ethics of the government. Its objective is to improve access to voter and standardize voter registration throughout the country, which could be consistent for college students and young voters.

    "There are many elements in that bill that we believe that they correlate with greater participation of youth voters." Beadle said. "Our opinion is that that would have a positive impact on students." googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    This week, the house approved a second Bill: The Advance Law of John Lewis Voting Rights, which seeks to restore the power of supervision of the Voting Rights Act, reliving the power of the Department of Justice to encompass Some discriminatory changes to electoral procedures. \

    This year, the vote expanded its text program and text remorse to include dates and important deadlines for municipal and local elections in the 500 most populated cities. The organization also created a class of democracy, a free and non-participation plan that educates Atlanta High School students about the history of voting and registers them to vote. According to Dewitt, the main objective of the organization is to educate young people about voting and training them to talk with their peers, with a focus on the use of social networks as a tool.

    "We know that we are not the biggest influencer," Dewitt said. "For many young people, they are really their peers who are empowering young people to get to the

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