Chattanooga State Community College
  • Ian Beck, Mathematics and Science
  • Terrie Breetzke, Mathematics and Sciences
  • Jonathan Brigner, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Stacey Carter, Nursing and Health Allied
  • Randal Fosse, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Mindy Griffin, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Jason Holcomb, Mathematics and science
  • Kristen Hutton, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Josh Johnson, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Eric Niemi, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • > TENA Phillips, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Kelli Squire, Nursing and Health Allied

    Harford Community College
  • Andrew Adams, Biology

    Hendrix College
  • Gina Bergfeld, Economy and Business
  • Hillary Looney, Economy and Business
  • Gretchen Renshaw James, Music
  • Brent Yorgey, Computing

    McDaniel College
  • Brad Stod Dard, religious studies
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    Image of  Western Connecticut State President Out After Draining Reserves
    Western Connecticut State President Out After Draining Reserves

    The president of Western Connecticut State University, John Clark, renounces in the midst of a financial crisis that resulted in an exhaustion of 99

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