She meloy was tired of being hit with strong textbooks after she enrolled in classes. Then, in May, the student at the University of Oregon testified before the Education Committee of the State Representatives, deciphering the lack of transparency around the prices of textbooks and pressing for the approval of the bill Of the textbooks 2919, the legislation that would require public colleges and universities to inform students about those costs before registration.

"This bill would allow students to better plan the payment of higher education," said Meloy in the Committee's testimony. "These hidden rates are a capital problem."

In June, Governor Kate Brown signed legislation on the law. Now, the Oregon Public Institutions must "show prominently" at least 75 percent of the estimated cost of credit courses materials for when students enroll in classes, from school year 2022-23.

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    meloy, now a junior and the Senate The Vice President of the Associate Students of the University of Oregon, said he is happy that the law will pass and expect it to alleviate part of the financial burden for the students.

    "A large part of supporting this invoice for me was waiting for if all textbooks and rates had to be transparent, it would help teachers choose textbooks that have lower costs and also They would encourage classes to make more access to "said Meloy.

    A spokesman for the University of Oregon said that the institution is working on the update of its website to guarantee compliance with the Law for the next fall.

    The association of American publishers, which represent publishers, magazines and education in the US. UU, welcomed the news with satisfaction.

    "AAP is supporting legislation as this because we believe that students benefit when universities provide clarity and visibility with respect to costs, and because we are deeply committed to affordability in the course materials "He said María A. Palant, President and CEO of the AAP, in a statement. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("DFP-AD -Article_in_Article");)

    On average, students spent $ 186 each in the textbooks and materials of the Courses in the autumn of 2020, from $ 199, the previous fall, according to the data of the research firm Student Monitor.

    "Affordability has been higher than the Mind for higher education editors," and students are spending less on textbooks due to digital offers, said the delays declaration. However, some critics of digital textbooks say that digital offers and Netflix style subscription services increase the throttle throttle in the market.

    From mid-2010, higher education editors, including Pearson, Consider and McGraw-Hill Education, have reported constant growth in the textbook programs "Access included". Many institutions are now registering full classes of students to automatically receive digital courses materials at a discounted rate, instead of buying them individually. Cengan, a global education technology company, made the pivot a subscription model called unlimited cenbege in 2018, saying that its priority was affordable for students.

    "We listen aloud and clear that the biggest problem was affordable. Materials," said Kristina Massari, Public Director and relations with the media of Cengan. "You can have the best materials in the world. But if students can not afford to buy them, then it really is not helping anyone."

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