The University of California in San Francisco, who serves health professions, has authorized all employees who have been working at home to continue doing it until March 1.

"Our Covid-19 The response team is continuously evaluating the data on the pandemic and its impact on our community. On the basis of its orientation, I have determined to limit the number of people in place a Those whose work is done on campus and in our facilities is the correct action course. Under the current circumstances, "said an announcement on Friday from the Chancellor Sam Hawgood.

"This extension will help us reduce the impact of a Winter Potential wave Covid-19 and prepare for a cold and flu season that may be worse. May last year due to greater social interaction. Cold and flu symptoms often resemble COVID-19, and this will cast our ability to meet the COVID-19 tests and the needs of locating the contacts of our workforce and patients on the site ", He added.

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    The University of Rice will begin the autumn semester online For two weeks, Provost Reginald Desrches announced on Thursday.

    Desrches said: "There is still a lot to learn about the Delta variant and we must pay close attention to the current surge that is especially pronounced in Texas. We need time to prove and evaluate the prevalence of your related health results Covid -19 of the rice community and, and implement risk reduction actions, taking into account the effectiveness of the vaccine in the prevention of serious diseases. "

    In a separate letter, Bridget Gorman, Dean of college students, said students who live in the Houston area should delay their return to the campus. He also announced that "if he is currently living on campus this semester, but wishes to move to the campus due to the complexities that surround the Covid circumstances, the house and the dining room will resign to the rates for breaking the housing contract in the following ways. Students That they do not move on campus, at all it will receive a full refund for the room and the board ".

    Gorman added: "I'm sure to read this, feel a feeling of disappointment that we find ourselves in this situation, I know that I do it. But, as much as our vision for our beginning of fall is changing, I'm still optimistic that these changes reflect a relatively short-term opportunity to pause and restore, instead of permanent alterations to life on campus. This semester. "

    Rhode Island College has delayed the beginning of The classes until September 8, according to a letter from Frank D. Sánchez, the President, to the Faculty. Googleg.cmd. push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    "We appreciate the understanding of all, since we make this modification to the schedule. This approach allows us to increase our vaccination rates between our student population and maintain a healthy and safe environment, including all instructions, events and activities that our the Vibrant Ric Campus has to offer. "

    Carnegie Mellon University on Friday announced that all the members of the faculty and staff on the Pennsylvania main campus, and also California, New York, Virginia and Washington, DC, they must be completely vaccinated against Covid-19.

    A letter from Farnam Jahanian, the president, said: "We are specifically maintaining the protection of the thousands of CMU students who arrive at the campus soon, as well as those in our community, which are Immunocompromised or who have small children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine. We are still encouraged to, from today, 75 percent of the faculty and staff have already uploaded their vaccine documentation to CMU VOC. Base of ID-19 vaccine data. "


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    New Presidents or Provosts: Adler U, Antioch College, Arkansas State U, Coast Mountain College, Gordon State College, Robert Morris U (Pa.), Touro U–Nevada, U of California–Los Angeles, U of Michigan

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