The Cardona Secretary tells the school districts of Allachua County and Broward County: "We are having you" Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona, issued the following statement in response to the Board Florida State Education, August 20, Alachua County Orders and Broward School Districes: August 20, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,

"The Biden Administration is fully committed to a safe and healthy return to learning In person for all students this fall. It is deeply worrisome to see state leaders who put politics before the health and safety of our students, and that instead of supporting our educators to do the right thing, state leaders are trying to punish them. This week, the president me He asked to do everything possible to help protect our nation students and support local leaders who are fighting for them. Let me reiterate: We are ready to help any decline in front of the repercussions to impose COVID prevention strategies recommended by CDC-19 that will protect the health and safety of students, educators and staff. For this purpose, we have also made it clear to the district leaders that any financial sanction imposed by the State can be addressed immediately using CARES, CRRSA, or funds from the US rescue plan. Today, I also talked directly to the superintendents of Broward County and Alachua schools to ensure that the president and administration of him present themselves with them and with all educators who first put students and health and education staff . "

  • As described in the letter of the Secretary to Florida State Leaders, the Department of Education considers that these funds are part of" activities necessary to maintain functioning and the continuity of the services in local educational agencies and continue to employ the existing staff of the local education agency "and a permitted use of cares, CRRSA and funds from the American Rescue Plan.
  • The Secretary spoke with The Superintendent Dr. Vickie Cartwright of Broward County and Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon of Allachua County Today and reiterated the support of the administration to dedicated educators, such as them, what they do the right thing to protect students, educators and security of the staff. He discussed how they can and should use. Federal pandemic relief funds to address any financial penalty charged against their districts as a result of them using pre-strategies Vision of COVID-19 recommended by CDC to protect the health and safety of their school communities. He also expressed his disappointment in state leaders who choose to penalize educators at the time they need the greatest support.
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