County of Campbell, Wyo., Residents voted on Tuesday to allow Gillette College to separate from the North Wyoming Community Community District after a special contentious election, according to the results of unofficial elections published by The Office of the County Secretary.

The decision is produced after the weeks of vote, and, sometimes, the bitter fight among the residents of the county. The defenders of the ballot proposal argued that the community would benefit from having a university under local leadership, while the opponents were burned on fire that the new district will come with a new property tax. The heated arguments on the election erupted in social networks, with voters accused each other of misinformation of mute and bandages.

The University District of the North Wyoming community, which serves Sheridan's counties, Johnson and Campbell, is led by a Board of Trustees composed of seven officials elected by Sheridan County citizens. A representative of the Advisory Board of Gillette College participates in meeting meetings, but lacks an official vote.

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    Gillette College, located in the city of Gillette, which is also the county seat, now they can form their own district of the University of the Community, along with a New Board of Trustees, which voters also chosen on Tuesday. (There were 23 candidates in the ballot for the table of seven seats). Having this autonomy will allow the university to work more closely with local employers to design academic programs that meet the specific needs of labor markets and provide education and training that leads directly to jobs. .

    Janell Oberlander, Vice President of Gillette College, said an independent district will allow the university to be more "agile" to respond to the needs of the local workforce.

    "The main advantage is that you have local control," she said. "We have to have the ability to offer new training opportunities. When new companies are looking to come to our communities, we must be able to say: 'This is what we can do and here is how fast we can wrap this. This is how fast We can bring in new technology '"."

    For example, Josh McGrath, member of the Gillette College Advisory Board and one of the winning candidates for the Board of Trustee of the New District, said Campbell County, which It is known for its coal, oil and gas industries, it would benefit from a university program that trains students in recovery technology to restore the land interrupted by coal mining. It also wants to expand the university nursing program to satisfy The demand for students. McGrath said Gillette's leaders brought both ideas to the North Community Community Community District, and were rejected.

    The special election occurred after sweeping budget cuts of approximately $ 4 million for the North Wyoming Community community district. Among other tightening measures, all athletic programs, except Rodeo teams for men and women, at Sheridan College and Gillette College were trimmed last July to address an estimated loss of $ 4 million in income partially related to The pandemic and reduction of state funding. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    "I do not make a mistake, it has been a working relationship," said McGrath of Gillette College's interactions with the North Wyoming community district. "But the needs of the citizens of Sheridan and Sheridan and Sheridan School are different from the needs of Gillette and Gillette College and Campbell County Citizens. They are only two clearly different communities. And geographically, they are 100 miles on the road."

    Independence for the university will come to


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