Workers enrolled in the IBM Software Engineering Learning Program can now get university Credit for their work, converting 12 months training at work in approximately three semesters of academic Credit.

IBM is the last company to gain the recognition of the Credit Credit recommendations service of the American Council University in Education, as part of its recently released learning patechairs, which allows apprentices In the selected companies obtain digital credentials that can be applied to six participating institutions. The pilot project, funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, is adjusted to the "Create a viable way for postsecundary achievement for people who are working," said Louis Soares, the director of learning and innovation in ACE. "When we create land granting schools, we create a whole system of universities designed in applied learning to advance the needs of average Americans, and this is just an extension of that dialogue."

Learning are gaining traction in the national impulse to create more equity and opportunity for unattended populations. The Trump administration focused on learning as fundamental for their postsecondary training agenda, highlighting them as an alternative to costly traditional institutions. Earlier this year, the House of Representatives of the United States approved legislation designed to establish more learning and promote associations between companies and colleges. And President Biden's Build Back Agenda Better Agenda includes registered learning, which are validated by state or federal authorities.

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