The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin, fired a professor at the Stout Campus last month for not using a mask in class last year in violation of campus and system policies, according to Madison. com. The teacher, engineer, Pavel Bizyukov, had been previously complained with the university that he could not breathe well in a mask and asked robust officials to explain the masking mandate, but did not try to obtain a medical exemption so as not to use one. Bizyukov was officially dismissed for not using a mask on a day in September 2020, but according to reports, he had been warned not to use a mask before that. A faculty committee confirmed the case of termination of the University against Bizyukov after a hearing. Bizyukov has accused the university of non-compliance.

- Colleen Flaherty

The Faculty Council of Spelman College, a university of historically black women in Atlanta, sent an email to students on Thursday morning say that teachers They will not teach in person until they receive clear and demanding safety guidelines and protocols, Atlanta's voice reported.

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