The Department of Education is planning to continue addressing the reforms to the administration of the student loan program, based on part on the contribution of two democratic senators, according to a letter sent by the Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona earlier this month.

Cardona told Senate Mayority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat of New York, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat of Massachusetts, who in the coming months, the department will work to improve debt relief Directed, address the student loan service. and the collection of debts and strengthen the supervision and implementation of both institutions and accreditation agencies.

"I hope to continue getting involved with you and your staff on these issues as we pursue these articles," wrote Cardona. "The actions we take in the coming months will be an important initial payment to help the approximately 45 million Americans have a federal student loan. But the department can not go alone to solve all these problems." more popular

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    Both Schumer as Warren have been vocal on issues related to the debt of students throughout the first year of the Biden Administration. Both have been asking the President to unilaterally cancel $ 50,000 in student loan debt per person, while Warren has particularly focused on the need for improvements to the administration of the student loan program.

    Cardona established the actions The department has taken up so far, including the extinction of the repayment of the student loans, which plays $ 1.5 billion in student loans for the borrowers who were defrauded by their institutions and Beginning the process of carrying out negotiated standards to write new regulations for issues related to Title IV, which covers most of the student aid programs.

    Warren seems to be satisfied with the progress he is making the department, he has dropped the confirmation of the confirmation vote so that James Kvaal were under the Secretary of Education, the higher education of the department. mail. Schumer presented Clotura in Kvaal's nomination on last Wednesday, and the full Senate will consider him on September 13 when he returns from his recess.

    "I have had productive conversations with Mr. Kvaal, the Department of Education and the" White House, and I am happy that they have committed to make substantial reforms to the administration of the student loan program, "said Warren . "I hope I can continue working with them as these changes are implemented." "

    The members of the Higher Education Community have been supporting Kvaal's nomination. After the programming of the vote, the American Council of Education tweeted that Kvaal is a "highly qualified nominated" that has "enthusiastic support". googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("DFP-AD -Article_in_Article"););

    "We are looking forward to James Kvaal's national leadership as the United States, according to the Secretary of Education," Tuito Martha Kanter, CEO of Promise College and the former Secretary of the Obama administration. "I'm glad that the confirmation of him is scheduled!"

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