Declaration of the US Secretary of Education. UU Cardona In the nomination of President Biden of Amy LEDD The Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona issued the following statement today in the intention of the President Biden to nominate Amy Loyd As an assistant secretary of professional, technical and adult education. In the US Department of Education UU: August 10, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • " I appreciate that President Biden has appointed Amy Loyd to serve as assistant secretary of the career office, technical education and adult ( Octae) In the US Department. UU Education. Amy has dedicated his professional life to the expansion of equity and the opportunity in education. Amy's experiences build solid associations in all sectors will be integral to help promote goal of the Biden Administration that all students from all over the United States can access both high quality robust roads. Colleg Ey Racing. I am grateful for the many ways in which Amy has already served the apartment, and I look forward to her rapid confirmation ".

    About Amy Loyd

    Before joining Biden-Harris Administration, Amy Loyd was a vice president in jobs for the future, where he designed and directed programs in the United States that improve The results of education and workforce. The work of it in JFF focused on the policies, practices and state and regional associations that compromised K-12 education, Community colleges, adult education, the development of labor force, economic development and employers to build Systems of college and professional roads. She also supervised JFF's work in the development of the workforce with a lens on economic advancement, state and federal politics, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Previously, she was the Education Director at Cook Inlet Tribal Council, leading a network of schools that provided culturally receptive education, training and services to the native and native communities of Alaska. Dr. Loyd attended Santa Fe Community College and Northern New Mexico Community College, and has a Bachelor of St. John's College and a PhD in the Educational Leadership of Harvard Graduate School, where he was an attached professor in construction of race roads. Increase the opportunity and equity.

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