Margo Braulpt, a French instructor at Louisiana State University, invited members of the University Supervisors Board to take a mental journey with it to their salary assigned last week.

"From here, we 'd walk to allen hall and open the west door and lower a stairs to the basement, where the roof is low and the hall is full of students during the change of Class, "Brault told Members during their regular meeting meeting, last Friday, which remained with 50 percent capacity. "Then, we'll turn right into a small corridor, where we'll meet again the door to room 38. Within this small room, there are no windows but 24 seats.

That's where He teaches 19 students "for an hour, three hours in a row, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30," he explained. " I will teach them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the next 15 weeks. This will be an Petri dish for the Delta variant. "

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  • Classroom 'Gag Order' on the mask and Vax's speech

    in the middle of a surge in cases of coronavirus fed by the spread of the highly transmissible delta variant, the faculty and staff members in the state of Louisiana and elsewhere are questioning the plans of their colleges.

    lsu is forcing masking but not vaccination when the classes begin on August 23. The university is planning the normal occupation of the classroom, although the teachers' teaching classes of 100 students or more will have the option to change to hybrid teaching. Format where only E L 50 percent of students are in person in the classroom during "periods of maximum infection".

    The University is currently in a period of maximum infection according to the LSU Health and Medicine Advisory Committee. Louisiana has the dubious distinction of leading the nation in cases of Covid-19 per capita. Its rate of 120 cases per 100,000 people is almost four times the national average of 36 cases.

    Hospitalizations in the state are at record maximum and only 38 percent of State residents are totally vaccinated, compared to an average national of 50 percent. Among young people from 18 to 29, less than a quarter are totally vaccinated.

    Louisiana campus workers are calling for college that allows all faculty, staff and graduate students to work remotely, and provide risks for essential workers such as custodians and facilities and residential life personnel . The organization also wants the university to require a three-time test of unvaccinated students in line with the orientation of the centers for the control and prevention of diseases, which recommends that universities in substantial or high "testing Universal Revenue Detection and Extended Series Detection Testing at Less Twice Weekly If A Sufficient Testing Available ". LSU is planning to demand a negative test of Covid-19 or a vaccination test by entering events once a month for unvaccinated students. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("DFP-AD -Article_in_Article"););

    Some 340 members of the Faculty signed an open letter to President William F. Tate IV last week, asking the university to return to the current protocols during the previous academic year that would allow teachers to choose between teaching modes Remote, hybrid and in person.

    "The situation in Louisiana is more terrible now that at any time since the spring of 2020, when LSU was completely remote due to the dangers posed by the pandemic," says the letter. "It is inconceivable to ask the faculty, staff and students for a total return to the campus under these conditions, when we know that these alternative options are available and that they work.

    " This is not the situation that we want to be in this semester, but I

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