Anthony Fan Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor Joe Biden, approved the Vaccine mandates Covid-19 for universities and schools on MSNBC Joe on Tuesday.

"Now we are in a critical situation," said Faucai, director of the National Institute of Alternations and Infectious Diseases. "We have had more than 615,000 deaths and we are in an important wave now, since we are going to enter the fall of the school season, this is a very serious business, you would like people to see why it is so important to be vaccinated.

"You will not get centrally mandates from the federal government," he continued. " But when you are talking about local mandates, commands for schools, for teachers, for colleges, for schools, I'm sorry, I know that people should like to have their individual freedom and not have told you to do something, but I think we are in a situation So serious that, in certain circumstances, mandates must be made. "

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