A federal court of appeals has rejected an appeal from the decision of a district court that denies a court order against a rule of the University of Indiana that requires all students to vacve against COVID-19.

A panel of three judges from the United States. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit used the language by rejecting the appeal that strongly supported the University of Indiana.

Writing for the panel, Judge Frank Easterbrook wrote: "People who do not want to be vaccinated can go elsewhere. Many universities require vaccination against SARS-COV-2, but many others do not They do so. The plaintiffs have extensive educational opportunities. ""

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    added: "Each university can decide what is necessary to keep other insurance students I n a congregated environment. Health exams and vaccines against other diseases ... are the common requirements of higher education. Vaccination protects not only vaccinated people, but also those who come into contact with them, and in a close college contact it is inevitable. "

    James Bopp Jr., the Lawyer of the Eight Students looking for The judicial mandate. The Indianapolis star that would present an appeal with the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Judges pointed out that Indiana has exemptions for religious or medical reasons. In addition, they pointed out that "six of the eight Plaintiffs have claimed the religious. Exception, and a seventh is eligible for it. "

    In addition, judges pointed out that a university can do things to students because they are students, as they charge them tuition." University students must be separated at least $ 11,000 per year (enrollment in the state), although Indiana could not summarily confiscate that sum of all the residents of the university age. "

    The Court of Appeals also said that the first amendment does not protect students from the requirement. "The first amendment means that a state can not say a yone what to read or write, but a state university can demand that students read things they prefer not to read and write things they prefer Do not write. A student must read what a teacher assigns, even if the student considers heretical books, and must write exams or trials as necessary. A student who is told that analyzes the role of nihilism in the possession of Dostoievsky, but holding an essay on the motivations of Iago in Othello, will be aligned. " Googleg.cmd.push (function () Googleg. DISPLAY ("DFP-AD -Article_in_Article");); Do you want to advertise? Click here

    "If the conditions of higher education can include the delivery property and the following instructions on what to read and write, it is difficult to see A bigger problem with medical conditions that help all students remain safe when learning, "the court ruled." A university will have problems operating when each student fears that all others may be disseminating the disease. Few people want to return to remote higher education, and we do not believe that the Constitution obliges the distance learning approach at a university that creates that vaccination (or frequent masks and frequent tests of non-vaccinates) make operations in person be safe enough. "

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