The influence of the faculty in decision-making at an institutional level decreased in recent decades, while the faculty says in "local" decisions, such as those involving the study plans and program staff, they increase. These are the first-line findings of a new national survey on shared governance by the American Association of University Teachers, the first report of this type in two decades.

'a mixed bag'

about two thirds (63 percent) of four-year institutions do not have the faculty participation in budgetary decisions, for example, what Indicates a reversal of progress on this front from the two previous shared governance surveys of AAUP, published in 1971 and 2001, respectively. For reference, 43 percent of the institutions did not have the faculty participation in budget matters in 1971 and only 13 percent did not have a faculty participation in 2001.

by contrast, authority From the faculty for things like individual grade allocations is today a "prerogative of the faculty" to 99 percent of the institutions. The program study plans were a matter of faculty to 43 percent of the institutions in 1971, 54 percent of the institutions in 2001 and today are a matter of primacy of the faculty (a new survey category) o The domain in 76 percent of the institutions.

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