The wave in the cases of coronavirus fed by the propagation of the highly transmissible delta variant and low vaccination rates are leading some universities to expand vaccine mandates or reinstall facial masking requirements, even when public schools continue In several public schools in several states controlled by the Republican. To be limited by the executive order or the law of taking such steps.

The centers for the control of the disease and the prevention of the prevention of Tuesday orientation recommends that all people regardless of the state of vaccination wear a mask while in public indoors if they are in A substantial or high transmission area: a characterization that currently applies to large US strips. UU, including a large part of the south and a half west. The change reflects an investment of an earlier CDC guide in May that these people vaccinated against Covid-19 did not need to use masks in most of the indoor and outdoor environments.

In response to the guide, Memphis University announced would require the masks to be used inside and in places where it is not possible to distance social. The University is energetically encouraging students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19, but they said in their Wednesday advertisement that, as a public university in Tennesse, it does not have the capacity to demand vaccination. University officials say that the authority to do so is with the governor and the state legislature.

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    in Florida, where a state law prohibits public or private schools that require vaccination tests against COVID-19 as a condition of assistance and registration, university system State Leaders of Florida sent a joint letter to students on Tuesday that strongly recommends that they obtain the vaccine.

    The Florida State University is planning to resume "normal, pre-pandemia" operations of August 1, with masks, but not required.

    "Although our authority is limited by the State of Florida and the University can not force vaccines, testing or the use of the mask, we promote these mitigation efforts," Sally Mcrorie, Florida State Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Kyle Clark, Vice President of Finance and Administration, said in a message written to the faculty and staff on Wednesday published on the University website. "We encourage all students, teachers and staff to get the Vaccine Covid-19 if they have not yet done so. We also recommend using indoor masks, especially in situations where there are great meetings that make it difficult to social distance. And, of course, any person who feels sick or suspected who may have been exposed to Covid-19 must be tested. "

    Also in Florida, the new new new university, recently announced that it would require that all employees be vaccinated against Covid-19. The University originally had a vaccination requirement for students, but had to abandon the requirement of students after the approval of Florida law.

    "Planning for the start of the semester / earthfall / Errmo of 2021. Challenge of the rise of the Delta variant, which has dramatically increased the number of COVID-19 cases throughout the country, particularly in the South Florida, "Southeast President Nova, George L. Hanbury II, said announcing the change earlier this month. "In response, I must consider what we could be doing to maintain the safety of our employees and students at our various locations, workspaces and teaching / learning environments." googleg.cmd.push (function () Googleg. Show ("DFP-AD-Article_in_Article");); Do you want to announce? Click here

    More than 600 universities of 600 require Vaccination of COVID-19 for students

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