The Departments of Education and State of the United States issued a joint declaration of principles that articulate "a renewed commitment from the United States with international education."

The agencies committed to "participate in a coordinated national approach to international education, including the study in the United States by international students, researchers and academics; study abroad for Americans, international research collaboration and the internationalization of US campuses and classrooms. "

The declaration also included a commitment to "implement policies, procedures and protocols to facilitate international education and practical experiences authorized while promoting the integrity of the program and national protection." The term "practical experiences Authorized "refers to curricular practice training (CPT) and optional practical training programs (OPT), which allow international students to obtain work experience in the US. UU

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    Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the joint statement, which is also supported by the national trade and security departments, "underlines our commitment to work in our government and with partners in higher education, The private sector, civil society and other sectors to continue promoting international education in the United States. If we work together, I trust that not only will we will return to the pre-pandemic levels of international students in higher education institutions, but will exceed them ".

    The Statement of Support for International The Education of the Biden Administration comes after four years in which the sector was found in frequent battles with the Administration of Triunfo on Travel and Visa policies.

    Although the declaration was short in specific political plans, international education groups welcomed the show the support of the Biden Administration and the promise of greater inter-institutional coordination, which leaders in the field have Order for a long time.

    Experts in International Education say that more than 20 years has passed since the federal government issued a similar statement. Former President Bill Clinton issued a policy memorandum in April 2000, that of it last year in office, directing the Vice President to coordinate the international education strategy of the United States Government.

    Miriam Feldblum, co-founder and Executive Director of the Presidents Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, an organization of university leaders focused on the intersection of higher education and immigration, described the new statement as "a crucial step to along the way to create a national strategy for the recruitment and retention of international students. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");); Do you want to announce ? Click here

    "In this statement there are echoes of what we have been doing the administration of Biden-Harris since the transition begins to articulate," said Feldblum. "He did not stop with a vague commitment to international education and International students. It was specific about the importance of opting, on the importance of retention, on the impact of the innovation economy, in the communities ".

    " We take this seriously, "he added." We believe it is The beginning of some really important conversations and actions. "

    Jill Allen Murray, Deputy Executive Director of Nafsa Public Policy: Association of International Educators, was also excited about the joint statement.

    "We have been recommending that the administration assume something like this in the form of both a passant

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