Department of Education FREE resources To help schools improve ventilation systems to prevent the funds of the COVID-19 rescue plan can be used to support these efforts. The president's coating better supports the agenda that would do more to improve school infrastructure July 23, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576,
  • More resources that improve ventilation in schools, colleges and universities to prevent Covid-19

    today in Day, the Department of Education published a resource to help schools, universities and universities improve their ventilation systems to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and provide healthy learning environments. The resource describes how the Funds of the Rescue Plan (ARP) of American Rescue (ARP) can be used to improve indoor air quality and is part of the broader efforts of the department to support schools as they are prepared for Receive welcome students to a person learning, this autumn and build better. The release of the resource coincides with the visit to the US Secretary of Education. UU The visit of Miguel Cardona to Kelley Lake Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia, which will use ARP funds to invest in interior air quality improvements And they will offer learning in person to all K-12 students for the school year 2021-2022.

    "Protecting our schools and communities from the broadcast of Covid-19 is the first step to take more students to learn in person and replace this even stronger crisis than we did before," said the secretary. Cardona "With the US rescue plan, schools and districts now have access to unprecedented resources that will allow them to guarantee adequate ventilation and maintain a healthy learning and work environment. In the Department, we are committed to helping communities identify How to use these resources quickly and effectively, as they prepare to welcome all students to learn in person this autumn. "

    The resource describes how schools can invest the ARP funds, as well as the previous rounds of relief funds, to take immediate action to improve indoor air quality, such as inspection, testing, maintenance , repair, replacement and improvement of projects in school facilities. This may include system updates, filtering, purification and other air cleaning fans, and window repair and doors.

    While these investments can provide an important basis for schools to take action now to improve indoor air quality, more should be done to improve infrastructure in schools throughout the country. That is why President Biden has proposed additional resources in his accumulation of Best Agenda to rebuild the public schools of our nation.

    Visit To see how schools can use ARP funds to improve indoor air quality and learn more about infrastructure proposals at President Biden's Build Back Agenda Better Agenda, Mode that they are sites of learning, energy efficiency and healthy, and have the technology and laboratories that our students need to prepare for jobs in the economy tomorrow.

    Click here for more information about the infrastructure proposals in President Biden's Build Back Agenda Better Agenda.

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