Ben Nelson is a member of the letter of the multitude of higher education interruptions. Its members, often entrepreneurs, investors and others who promote traditional schools and universities, believe that most institutions are too expensive or ineffective, operate on a scale too small and do not innovate and adapt to changes in The demands of the students.

Nelson put his money (and others') where his mouth was almost a decade ago, when he founded the Minerva project, which tried to overcome the most well-known and most selective institutions in the nation by creating a New institution from scratch that I would register students who could request Harvard and Stanford universities, but give them a higher practical education in a mixed format that sent them to Multiple continents.

While Nelson shares many views in common with other entrepreneurs in the postsecondary space, he separated from the forms with them in a favorite bugaboo: the deficiencies of the United States accreditation system.

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    The accreditors are an easy goal for those who think that higher education is trapped in the past; Quality assurance agencies are often blamed for stifling innovation and require universities and universities to focus on compliance and minimum standards instead of student excellence or affordability.

    "Rejection that, and we are an absolute test" that the accreditors can and will cover the approaches or practices that are broken with the higher education standard, Nelson said in a zoom conversation on Wednesday.

    The occasion for the conversation was the news today that the University of Minerva, the non-profit institution that grew by Nelson's the original project for Peruccro Minerva, had obtained full accreditation as an institution Independent of the University Commission and the Senior University of WASC. That is the final step in a multi-stage process that has seen Minerva from an ambitious concept to an academic program incubated by a traditional graduate school than can now be: a university governed and operational independently with the same seal of Approval than the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford.

    "This is actually the fourth complete and complete revision of miner's schools at KGI and Minerva University by WSCUC. And we did not change anything in the central Minerva offering due to the demands of the accreditators" , Nelson said, without challenges for his combination of learning in person and enabled with technology, or in his curriculum that waives the conference in favor of project-based learning.

    For institutions that could mean being Hambrunn because the accreditators would not let them do something out of the box, Nelson is skeptical. "There is nothing to stop an accredited institution to do everything we do, or any aspect of what we do," he said. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");); Do you want to announce? Click here

    Accreditation may not have done Minerva Back, but did something to help him? Nelson's answers to this question are less likely to appear on Western's favorite press cutout list. Nelson says that the WSCUC "forced us to answer questions that we had never asked ourselves" ("Do you have a disaster plan?") And now he's obliging Minerva who has access to his own library resources, since he can no longer Take advantage of the Claremont Colleges collections that shared as part of the KECK Graduate Institute.

    Is the Western Accreditator offered Help or Supervision that really improved the quality of Minerva education? This is where Nelson's self-confidence is revealed: "Minerva was born because he wanted to provide the best educational experience, and that has been our approach to


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