% 3cp% 3ee office for civil rights in the Department of Education made a clarification last month that many were anticipating: LGBTQ% 2B Students are protected by Title% C2% A0IX of the 1972% 2C education modifications that It means that students can not be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender identity in institutions that receive federal funds. While the notice of interpretation is aligned with the approach that many colleges and universities were already taking% of the IT signals from% 2c that OCR is open for business in these problems% 2c and is ready to keep responsible institutions .% 3c% 2fp% 3E% 3cp %% 3ether Department based on its interpretation in the decision of the Supreme Court% E2% 80% 99S 2020 in Bostock v. CLAYTON COUNTY% 2C said that% E2% 80% 99s discriminate against a person based on the gender identity or sexual orientation of it without discrimination. Contrary to be based on sex% 2c that is prohibited by Title% C2% A0ix.% 3c% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3The Obama flutter Guidelines issued in 2016 that said title% C2% A0IX prohibited discrimination based on the Gender Identity% 2C including the transgender. State% 2c But the Trump administration withdrew these guidelines less than one year later. Who sent a message that OCR was not at% E2% 80% 99T Processing many of the complaints made by LGBTQ% 2B Students% 2c Sato Paul Castle% 2c Tip and directors of students% E2% 80% 99 Lebda strategy for% 2C A civilian organization focused on individuals LGBTQ% 2B.% 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CH2 class% 3D% 22block-Tit% 22% 3EMOST% 3CLI% 2FH2% 3E% 3CLI class% 3D% 22Popular-item% 22% 3EWHAT% 27S The Future of the Campus of the Physical University 3F% 3C% 2FLI% 3E% 3CLI Class% 3D% 22Popular-item% 22% 3eblack Faces face many obstacles in their efforts to win tenure% 28opinion% 29 % 3c% 2fli% 3E% 3Cli Class% 3D% 22Popular-item% 22% 3EEHOW To write a declaration of effective diversity% 28Essay% 29% 3c% 2fli% 3E% 3CP% 3E% E2% 80% 9CA large number of organizations of civil rights% 2c as Lambda Legal% 2c had an influx of calls due to the message that pre-administration sent not to also impact title% C2% A0IX with respect to students LGBTQ% 2C% E2% 80% 9D castle said. % E2% 80% 9c This clarification is an important message.% E2% 80% 9D% 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3Specifically 2C. It makes clear that OCR will investigate the allegations made by LGBTQ% 2B harassment students% 2c discriminatory discipline. % 2c Desigual access to educational opportunities and other civil rights violations in their colleges and universities.% 3c% 2fp% 3E% 3CP% 3E% E2% 80% 9cwe are happy and satisfied and think that this is important to do% 2C% E2% 80% 9D said Shane Windmeyer% 2C founder and executive director of campus pride. % E2% 80% 9Clargely% 2c What Biden has been doing in the first months of its presidency is replacing and repairing the damage that Trump has made to LGBTQ people with actions like this to be more inclusive and we take us to where we were and The progress we were making.% E2% 80% 9D% 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3.Anministrations Don% E2% 80% 99T Usually, it returns to interpretations% 2c, so the unusual. Castillo noted that it believes that Obama and Biden clarifications of Title% C2% A0ix are the correct interpretations of Law% 2C based on the decisions of the Federal Court that have been made in this regard.% 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3Size Emitting your notice in June% C2% A016% 2c The department has launched a resource guide together with the Justice Department% E2% 80% 99S Division of Civil Rights Reiting its position and providing examples of the types of cases that would be under jurisdiction of OCR. Although most of the examples describe the incidents in primary and secondary schools% 2C, LGBTQ% 2B students face discrimination in many aspects of their postsecondary experience% 2C, said Castillo.% 3c% 2fp% 3e googleg.cmd. Push% 28function% 28% 29 Googleg.Display% 28% 22DFP-AD-Article_In_Article% 22% 29% 3B% 29% 3B Wanting to advertise% 3F Click here% 3cp% 3etitle% C2% A0IX complaints of LGBTQ% 2B Discrimination It is likely to fall into three main areas% 3A Access to the installations% 2c How students are addressed by their Names and Pronouns of Pronouns% 2C and Athletics Participation% 2C, especially for women% 2C, said Brett Sokolow% 2c Director Executive of the Title Association% C2% A0IX Administrators. LGBTQ% 2B University students can also face discrimination in terms of housing% 2C Harassment% 2c Sexual assault and violence% 2C and access to medical services provided by the University.% 3c% 2fp% 3E% 3CP% 3E% E2
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