Enroll-free university programs are not always accessible to adult students, and even programs open to older students may include requirements posed by barriers, according to a recent report from US institutes for research.

The report examines 67 programs across the country that are open to adult students and fully cover enrollment for the amount of traditional time carrying a certificate or grade. Only 22 states, more Washington, D.C., had options that were open to older adults and without registration. 15 Programs were available throughout the state. Most programs, 85 percent, included at least one two-year public institution option, and 27 percent of the programs included at least one public four-year college option.

Alexandria Walton Radford, co-author of the Report and Director of the Center for Applied Research in Air Postsecondary Education, said it was surprised that there were so few enroll-free programs available for adults of hundreds of programs Free college students throughout the country.

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