U.S. The Department of Education announces temporary changes to the process of verification of federal aid for the year 2021-22 July 13, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, press@ed.gov
  • Today, the US Department of Education. UU (department) announced temporary changes to the Federal Verification of Student Aid Process for the Year 2021-22 of granting. Temporary changes will provide relief to millions of students and schools facing challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Department will focus the verification of the aid in identity theft and fraud for the application cycle 2021-22, significantly reducing other barriers that have prevented students from needing, when accessing critical financial aid funds. Today's action is part of the broader efforts of the department to provide relief to students and borrowers affected by the pandemic, and address inequities worsened by COVID-19.

    While the challenges that students experience with verification extend beyond the pandemic, the data from the Student Student National Chamber show university undergraduate rates fell 4.9 percent in the spring 2021 as a result of the Emergency Covid-19. For color students and low-income history students, those decreases were even more pronounced. These registration declines have also been more affected at Community universities, which saw a 9.5 percent decrease in enrollment and are already significantly restricted by resources due to the economic impacts of the pandemic. The research of the department shows that the verification addressed to this aid cycle, can help approximately 200,000 more students of low-income funds and color students enroll in college and continue on the road to a certain extent.

    "This has been exceptionally hard year," said Richard Cordray, Director of Federal Student Aid Operations (FSA). "We need to make sure that students have the most direct route to acquire financial aid they need to enroll at the university and continue their way to a certain extent. Guidance verification to focus on identity theft and fraud in this cycle of Help, ensures that we approach the immediate needs of the students, continue to protect the integrity of the Federal Pell Subvent program, and reduce barriers to access unattended students. We will continue to evaluate what improvements can be made in the long term for the verification process to be More equitable while avoiding fraud ".

    Verification is an administrative process by which the Department requires a subset of federal aid applicants for students who are eligible for Peel Subsidies to send additional documentation, such as transcripts of tax declarations , to verify your income and other information reported at free. Federal aid request for students (FAFSA). Unreliable applicants are not selected for income verification. As a result, the verification process disproportionately passes students from low-income funds and color students. The process can be extremely challenging for students, particularly because at least 20 percent of pee-eligible applicants are exempt from the presentation of taxes due to their low-income levels. This prevents the automated data recovery tool from using IRS's verified income data easily to your FAFSA form, and can impose difficulties in acquiring the necessary documentation to prove your income.

    Typically, more than three the millions of potential targets of the GEAT subsidy are selected for verification each year. Unfortunately, due to the challenges they face to acquire the required documentation, some students never complete the verification, and therefore do not receive financial aid they need to enroll. The verification of the guidance for the FAFSA Cycle 2021-22 will facilitate that millions of low-income history students access federal financial assistance. It will also alleviate part of the burden facing financial aid administrators, which allows them to focus on the

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