• Mordecai Brownlee, Vice President of Student Success at St. Philip's College, in Texas, has been selected as President of the Community College of Aurora, in Colorado.
  • Septeari, Associate Provost for academic planning and the faculty's excellence at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, has been appointed Chancellor for Academic Affairs in Montana State University Billings.
  • Mary K. Grant, Senior Fellow for civic and social justice in the state of Bridgewater University, in Massachusetts, has been selected as President of Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
  • Diane Hiebert-Murphy, Vice Provost (Academic Affairs) at the University of Manitoba, in Canada, has been promoted to Provost and vice president (academic) there.
  • Constantio Nakuma, Associate Provost For Schourmic Assunded in Clemson University, in South Carolina, has been appointed Vice-Rector of Provost and Executive for Academic Affairs and Students at the University of Colorado Denver.
  • Karen O'Brien, head of the Humanities Division at the University of Oxford, in Britain, has been chosen as Viced Chancellor and Warden at Durham University, also in Britain.
  • c. Cybele Raver, Diputy Provost at the University of New York, has been named Provost and Vicerrillor of Academic Affairs at the University of Vanderbilt, in Tennessee.
  • Dione Somerville, executive vice president at Hawkey Community College, in Iowa, has been appointed President of Owens Community College, in Ohio.
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