• Stephanie J. Fujii, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Scottsdale Community College, in Arizona, has been named President of Arapahoe Community College, in Colorado.
  • Monica Terrell Leach, Senior Associate Vicerillor for the registration and academic affairs at the North Carolina Central University, has been appointed Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Fayetteville State State in Fayetteville State University, also in Carolina from North.
  • Joanne Li, Dean of the Business College in Florida International University, has been chosen as a chancellor from the University of Nebraska in Omaha.
  • Alan R. Miciak, executive vice president of John Carroll University, in Ohio, has been named President there.
  • Jennifer King Rice, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Maryland at College Park, has been elected as senior vice president and has witnessed there.
  • Rosa Rivera-Hainaj, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs in Our Lady of Lake Univ Ersidad, in Texas, has been selected as Provost in McDaniel College, in Maryland.
  • William M. Tsutsui, Edwin O. Reischauer Distinguish the visiting professor at the University of Harvard and the former president of Hendrix College, in Arkansas, has been appointed president and executive director of the University of Ottawa, In Kansas.
  • Renée T. White, Provost and Professor of Sociology at Wheaton College, in Massachusetts, has been selected as Vice President of Academic Affairs. In the new school, in New York.
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