Even more than usual, university leaders are eager to enter the minds of their current and aspiring students to try to understand how disorder and uncertainty of the last 15 months have altered their expectations about their education. A lot of surveys (including the interior of the upper ED) has revealed that students are somewhat dissatisfied with their university experiences, whether remote or in person, but they generally believe that their institutions and teachers did so well that circumstances could be . And most say they plan to continue their education.

The last survey greatly reinforces the trend line, but includes some potentially worrisome data for those interested in the growing public questioning of a university degree.

The Survey of Third Way and New America, two two tanks of the Hashington Positives, DC, based in DC, is the third in a series performed from the pandemic. It covers a wide range of problems, but the focus of this article is in the impressions of students of their learning and general experiences in the last year and their opinions of their institutions and education. Many of their findings will, members and administrators of the University Faculty of Hearten.

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