Claudia Schrader, president of Kingsborough Community College at Brooklyn, N.And, is preparing for day meetings. She puts a couple of bright blue sneakers, a casual accent with her professional black cover dress and a navy blue mask with the college logo in orange. She is directed outside the office of her, flanked by two public safety officers, her manager of communication and governance relations, and her special project manager.

Schrader sits on the backseat of one of the two minivans that she and she Entourage has packed and chats with the driver on the best route to her destiny. There are three meetings outside the campus scheduled on this particular day, all with students who will attend college at the next fall.

These units have become routine since Schrader began visiting incoming students last summer in the thick of the pandemic, when they could not take classes in person on campus on Manhattan Beach. Since the students could not come to the campus, she decided to bring a bit of the campus. Schrader calls these visits from her the "welcome car" of her.

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