U.S. The Department of Education invites States and school districts to request an additional $ 600 million in the Americas Rescue Plan funds for students who experience the lack of housing July 6, 2021 Contact: Press office , (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • To help meet the needs of students who experience the lack of housing, the US Department of Education. UU (department) today is to invite the States to complete the request for their participation of the second disbursement of $ 800 million in Funds under the Law of the American Rescue Plan for Homeless Children and Youth Fund of 2021 (ARP-HCY). In April, the department published the first $ 200 million of the $ 800 million in ARP-HCY funds to the States. The additional $ 600 million distribution will give States and school districts access to funds before the start of the school year 2021-2022.

    "Even before Coronavirus's pandemic highlighted and exacerbated inequities in the United States education system, students experiencing the lack of housing faced numerous challenges as they strive to learn and achieve at school each day. In the middle of Covid-19 and the transition to remote and hybrid learning, for so many students, these challenges intensified. As a nation, we must do everything possible to make sure that all students, including students who experience the lack of Housing and the insecurity of the house, can access an excellent education that opens the opportunity to the opportunity and prosperous lives, "said US Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona". I encourage all States to urgently use this plan of US rescue. Funds to support homeless children and young people so that these students have all the possibilities of participating in learning and enriqu summer ecée; Experience full-time instruction, in person in their schools in the fall; and connect to vital services and supports that can support their success. "

    The needs of students who experience the lack of housing are still urgent, since many schools and districts struggle to identify and serve the Students who experience the lack of housing. The ARP-HCY funds are designed to be flexible for States and districts to address the needs of the Community. This additional ARP-HCY funding will be used by States and school districts. To identify homeless children and young people, provide enveloping services in light of the Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and provide assistance for homeless children and young people attend school and participate fully in school activities.

    "Each child deserves to have a warm place to sleep and a roof over his head every night. But for 1.5 million children throughout the United States and more than 10,000 children in my state of origin of West Virginia, that is not the case. The Covid-19 pandemic caused this corpulent and simple emitted to be very worse for many of our families and children in need. Since the pandemic maintained most students at home, schools have struggled to track students who experience homeless, "said Senator Joe Manchin." This second round of financing, part of the $ 800 million I fought. Successfully to include in the US rescue plan, it will help schools identify students who experience lack of housing and provide support for vulnerable students. States can begin to request today's second rounds to obtain the funds directly in school districts before the new school year so that students who experience the lack of housing can receive the support they need. " < p> "Last year has been so difficult for each student, father and educator throughout the country, but what students who experience the lack of housing have passed is unthinkable. The first thing we told people during this pandemic was "stay at home", but many students do not have a safe place to call home, internet access, devices or critical services that students have been entrusted to learn during this pandemic. "Sen, Sen. Patty Murray." We fight with difficulty in making sure that the US rescue plan includes dedicated funds for Stud

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