The Congress recently chose not to choose to fold in federal research and innovation legislation a provision that would have made Peel's subsidies available to students in training programs very short-term. But it is believed that it is very important that it is a matter of time before the federal law is changed to allow Pell funds to be used for that purpose.

debate about that idea has escaped for several years. In one corner, supporting the change, are leaders from the Community University, many corporations and important groups focused on increasing the skills of unemployed and other disadvantaged Americans. In the others, critics, who argue that the use of pell grants for programs as short as eight weeks would hurt, would not help, they did not help, workers and students of low and minority minorities.

A recent episode of the key, within the upper edition. Table of news and analysis, prominent talks with Monty Sullivan, president of the Louisiana community and the Technical University system and a member of the Board of Rebuilding Middle Class, and Amy Laitinen, Director of Higher Education in New America. (Listen to the full episode here).

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