The Delaware State University finalized the acquisition of a private university located in the city of Thursday in what the University says is the first case of a historically black university or university that acquires another institution of higher education.

With the acquisition of Wesley College, Delaware State, a public institution, will be responsible for the 50-acre campus of Wesley in the center of Dover, of., and capital assets were evaluated around $ 32 million. Delaware State will also get 14 new academic programs, including a master's program on occupational therapy.

What was Wesley College, a 148-year-old private institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, is now the University of Wesley health and behavioral sciences within the State of Delaware. The School will offer programs in health, health, kinesiology, nursing, occupational therapy, psychology and social work.

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    No money changed hands in the acquisition. Instead of a purchase price, the State of Delaware agreed to assume Wesley's liabilities. The university also agreed to accept all Wesley students in good position.

    To date, 387 former WESLEY students have been registered to continue their studies at Delaware State, and another 85 students are in the process of registering, according to Delaware State. Together, they constitute 77 percent of Wesley's former students.

    Wesley was a majority minority institution: In the fall of 2019, 39 percent of its approximately 1,000 college students were black, and 8 percent were Hispanic or Latinos, according to the Department of Education of the USA. Thirty-seven percent were white.

    A small private liberal arts university, Wesley had fought in recent years with loss and finance registration and was held at the largest cash monitoring list of the Department of Education in 2019 on concerns about the Financial responsibility. The University received several financing infusions from the State of Delaware, which in total contributed around $ 6,375 million to help maintain its doors open, and was in talks with a Florida University on a possible fusion before starting talks with its Neighbor, Delaware State.

    The main campus of Delaware State is about five minutes by car from the Wesley campus. The acquisition has involved losses of jobs, such as some, but not all, the Faculty of Wesley and the staff members moved to the DSU. The President of the State of Delaware, Tony Allen, said more than 60 percent of Wesley's faculty and staff, 71 in total, had been offered positions in DSU. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("DFP-AD -Article_in_Article");); Do you want to announce? Click here

    Fourteen teachers of Wesley demanded the school in greater to be able to block the acquisition, arguing that the University had not complied with its obligations to the faculty members by not giving them an adequate notification of the discontinuation of their programs and the Do not provide tests. of the financial requirement as required by its contracts.

    The WBOC local television station also reported in recent days about concerns that Delaware State will not honor Wesley's institutional scholarships. A spokesman for the DSU confirmed that the scholarships will not continue, but said that students will pay a lower enrollment rate in the DSU and may request financial assistance. The Wesley undergraduate enrollment rate in the Academic Year 2020-21 was $ 26,934, while the State of Delaware was $ 7,038 for Students and $ 16,960 for students outside the state.

    "Let me stay clear: 100 percent of Wesley students will pay less than they would pay at Wesley," Allen said during a press conference on Thursday. "Hundred percent".

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